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Here are some tips to help you find a Bangalore Caterer. Every party you plan on hosting will involve food and not just any food but great tasting food. We Indians pride ourselves of being the best guests that anyone can be as the age old adage in samskrutha goes ‘Athiti devo bhava’. This can only further add pressure on the hosts to find the best Bangalore Caterer there in Bangalore. Be it a birthday party, anniversary parties, wedding or any social function, the expected number of guests are far too many to cook yourself. So we’ve put together some pointers for you to consider just before you go out and confirm the first Bangalore Caterer you find on JustDial or Sulekha. read more

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About is an unit of Shanbhag Cafe in Bangalore. For close to forty years now, Shanbhag Cafe has been serving wholesome, delectable and scrumptious food coupled with impeccable service standards. Offering a rich blend of mouth-watering cuisines, ranging from exciting North Indian choices to authentic South Indian dishes, all prepared by our own skilled and seasoned chefs we excel in high tea options and street food too! Call

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