Caterer in Bangalore

Caterer in Bangalore

This article attempts to provide useful tips on how to find a Caterer in Bangalore. Other than finding a suitable kalyana mantapa for your wedding, food will cost you the most for your wedding expense. While a typical caterer in Bangalore will charge you ‘per person’ or ‘per plate’, watch out for all the hidden expenses that may apply to this cost head overall. I heard of this caterer in Bangalore, who used to charge his customers per person charge + additional charges for drinking water, cooking gas, applicable taxes and then his very own “service charge” which was disguised as a government tax. So when you consider all of these charges, your per person cost will significantly increase.

Caterer in BangaloreA lot of factors are to be considered when it comes to finding a wedding caterer in Bangalore. We have thought of a few basic and advanced questions that we think you should definitely consider asking before you finalize on that caterer in Bangalore. So here we go.

Questions to ask a caterer in Bangalore

1. Is this Bangalore caterer available for your wedding date? I am yet to meet a caterer in Bangalore who will say NO to business. Given the seasonality of catering service requirements, most caterers in Bangalore try to maximize in a busy season. But you definitely don’t want his divided attention. So find out if he is going to be there personally to ensure the event is a success of if he is going to outsource it to another catering service in Bangalore.

2. Has the caterer in Bangalore done wedding catering before? Catering and wedding catering are two different things. Wedding catering requires the caterer to have people, equipment and most times kitchen to deliver to a large group of guests. Whereas most other party catering in Bangalore will not be demanding on staff, equipment and place. Find out how many weddings this caterer in Bangalore has done before.

3. Find out if the Bangalore caterer has done any weddings in the kalyana mantapa or wedding hall before. This certainly helps, since every wedding hall has its own challenges and issues.

4. Ask for caterers recommendation on food choices. Share your budget, guest count and the theme of the wedding. Every community has its own way of conducting a wedding. Find out what he likes to recommend to your occasion.

5. Some caterers cannot deliver the taste you want without certain ingredients that you do not want the caterer to use. For e.g. Jains or Brahmin community folks do not use Garlic and onion as much as other communities. Can this Bangalore caterer still deliver the promised taste without these ingredients?

6. Does the caterer specialize in presenting food too? Just as good as the taste, you want to insist on the way food is presented.

7. What about the helpers uniform? You don’t want half naked caterers serving people with dhotis and panches while scratching their hairy backs. Consider that!

This list should get you started in the right direction in finding a caterer in Bangalore. Give us a call if you need our help in assisting you find a caterer.

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