Best Catering Service in Bangalore – How to choose?

Best Catering Service in Bangalore

Planning an event? The first thing you need to start with is choosing the best catering service in Bangalore. Food is one thing that can make any event memorable.  Start with the guest list, catering budget, type of food, venue and a return gift. Any event will seem to be a daunting experience if you don’t have a plan in mind, especially an event in a large scale like wedding, functions or any party for that matter. Start with choosing the best catering service in Bangalore and by following these simple steps you will most definitely end up choosing the best catering service.

Best Catering Service in Bangalore

Tips to find the best catering service in Bangalore

First thing, before you head out to find the best catering service in Bangalore for your event, set a budget for food and then start with research – word of mouth from friends, relatives, neighbors etc. Think of the last time you attended a wedding or a function, ask your friends and colleagues for contact numbers. Once you have a list of providers to call, you need to choose the best of the list. Make a list of questions to ask and do not hesitate to ask anything, it’s your event and you are in-charge. Be sure you have all the info and details before you sign a contract or make any advance payments.

Once you have decided on the list of Bangalore caterers you need to call, start with the budget you have planned for this event and the type of food you need. Choose a menu both buffet and full course sit down banana leaf style. Your caterer should be able to walk you through the type of food that fits your budget including the main course, refreshments, desert and sweets. There are some seasonal delicacies, on what they have to offer for that month like a pineapple gojju or something with mangoes in a mango season and so on. Once the menu is finalized, check if they offer food tasting. This is very important and most caterers provide this service and some don’t, it is mostly done after you have booked/confirmed the event. If the planning has moved up to tasting the food, it’s more like finalizing the last part which means you are choosing the best catering service in Bangalore there is.

Decide on the date you will do the tasting and also ask other questions like: what type of food they use (frozen or fresh), if they offer bottled water, what is the staff’s attire for the event, the number of staff that are on the field and how many cooks and if there are any extra charges for anything. Also check on the after event cleaning part which is also important, you don’t want them to leave the place all untidy. After all this, compare between all the caterers you have called and decide on the one you want to stick. Once you have the right caterer, listen to their ideas on the event or menu, most of them would like to share their previous experiences. Any best catering service in Bangalore would have done this before and can definitely make your event successful. They are professionals and are the main part of any event, seriously!

Finally, executing the entire catered event, if you have all this planned rest assured you have been successful in choosing the best catering service in Bangalore. This process will make your entire event planning effortless. Good luck!!

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