Before Hiring A Catering Service in Bangalore

Catering Service in Bangalore

Looking to hire a catering service in Bangalore? Do you have a big event coming up and you are thinking of arranging all the food on your own? While it gives a very nice personal touch in arranging the food by yourself but sometimes it ends up being too much to handle all the food arrangements for one person without any help at home. Hiring a caterer makes a lot of sense if you are expecting more than 20 to about 30 guests. If you are looking to hire a catering service in Bangalore you should consider a few things . The first thing that you will want to figure out will be what type of food you plan on serving . There are different types of catering services in Bangalore such as where people sit down to be served, like in the case of our ‘yele oota’ or dinner buffet style where people help themselves with food presented on a table. You will also have to consider if you plan to serve alcohol or non alcoholic beverages . All of this will depend on your events requirement .

Catering Service in Bangalore: Things to consider before hiring

Catering Service in BangaloreYou will also have to consider if some of your guests are vegetarian and hence prefer vegetarian food. In some cases, some guests could be allergic to certain type of food, hence you will have to pay heed to some of these things when you are inviting people over for lunch or dinner. One other thing that you will need to know is about the number of people who will be coming to your party. Your caterer is going to need to know how many people you are expecting at your party in order to prepare the food. You can insist on RSVPs to ensure that you receive responses ahead of time to ensure you avoid wastage of food. 

At the outset , when you start looking for a caterer, look for recommendations from people who have recently hosted parties. You can also look on the internet for online reviews to find out some of the best caterers in your locality. It is also a good idea to get some customer testimonials from the catering company. Some caterers in bangalore will allow you to even taste the food before you order. Take advantage of these things.

How much you are allowed to spend on this catering budget will also decide much of what you can present to your guests. Some caterers can be very expensive hence you might have to pick some of the items on the menu to ensure you are able to fit everything in your budget. I think quality scores over quantity any day so i would rather have fewer items on the menu which tastes great as against having a lot of items on the menu with average taste. 

So the next time you decide to go out and higher catering service in Bangalore be sure to consider all the things that i have mentioned in this article . Good luck with that party!


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