Bangalore Wedding Caterers

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OK! It’s time to find those Bangalore Wedding Caterers. It’s time to take the bull by its horn and get the job done! If you have a wedding coming up in Bangalore, you want to make sure that this ‘to do’ features right on top of your to do list. Most of the Bangalore Wedding Caterers get booked up months in advance. Finding the right Bangalore wedding caterer, making those appointments to meet and making that deposit should take care of 90% of your wedding related stress and anxiety. Remember, Indian weddings are all about food, food and food! There is not much to planning a wedding in Bangalore or any other city in Bangalore than finding the venue and the best caterer from an infinite list of Bangalore wedding caterers.

Bangalore Wedding Caterers

Bangalore Wedding Caterers

So I will suggest that you break this task into two sub tasks: Finding wedding caterers and meeting them.

Tips to find Bangalore Wedding Caterers

  • Remember that friend who got recently married and the reception party food that made you put on a few extra pounds? That’s the first guy you want to call. I am telling you, there is no better place to find your Bangalore Caterer other than this. You’ve see their work, tasted it personally, so what better way to review his work. Don’t you agree?
  • Check site for recommendations. We thoroughly check every aspect of catering there is before we recommend. So don’t hesitate to take our help 😉
  • How about your favorite restaurant? Think about it. Most restaurants offer catering and wedding catering is a thing that most caterers dream of. The numbers and margins are high enough to pique any restaurateur’s interest. So make that call, see what he’s got to say.
  • Other vendors who you’ve worked with: Photographers, decorators, venue managers often have their own list of preferred vendors. You may want to consider asking them.

Making appointments with Bangalore Wedding Caterers

    • First rule to setting up meeting: There is less to talk about and more to taste. Really, I mean it! This appointment is all about food, food and ..? That’s right! Food. So if you are not tasting the food, then you are wasting your time with the caterer. You may want to ask your Bangalore Caterer to carry those samples even before you get to the pricing and service discussion part.
    • Ask for wedding menus. Not all caterers are built the same. You will be surprised to see how over promising most caterers can be when it comes to items they can put on the menu. Most times than not, the standard menu they carry along with them are the ones that they are good at delivering. So ask for a standard menu first and then you can see their strength in delivering variety cuisine.
    • Discuss the price per person, price per plate, etc. Once the items on the menu is finalized, the next thing to finalize is the cost. So discuss it. Do not hesitate to ask for as much as 40% discount. Most caterers in Bangalore expect you to negotiate. So play that hard ball!
  • Ask about presentation. Most Bangalore Wedding Caterers today understand the importance of presentation. We’re not talking about just the food here. Even the way the bearers, helpers present themselves. Ask for pictures, videos, brochures, anything they can show to help you understand what goes into presentation of food and the catering staff.
  • Ask for references. This is the last item but definitely not the least. Conventional wisdom dictates, an awesome caterer = more number of happy customers. So your Bangalore caterer shouldn’t have any problem finding a handful of references for you to call.

That’s my starter list to find Bangalore Wedding Caterers. What about you? Do you have more to add to the list? Leave they comments below…



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