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Caterer in Bangalore

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Caterer in Bangalore

This article attempts to provide useful tips on how to find a Caterer in Bangalore. Other than finding a suitable kalyana mantapa for your wedding, food will cost you the most for your wedding expense. While a typical caterer in Bangalore will charge you ‘per person’ or ‘per plate’, watch out for all the hidden expenses that may apply to this cost head overall. I heard of this caterer in Bangalore, who used to charge his customers per person charge + additional charges for drinking water, cooking gas, applicable taxes and then his very own “service charge” which was disguised as a government tax. So when you consider all of these charges, your per person cost will significantly increase. read more

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Bangalore Wedding Caterers

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Caterer in Bangalore

OK! It’s time to find those Bangalore Wedding Caterers. It’s time to take the bull by its horn and get the job done! If you have a wedding coming up in Bangalore, you want to make sure that this ‘to do’ features right on top of your to do list. Most of the Bangalore Wedding Caterers get booked up months in advance. Finding the right Bangalore wedding caterer, making those appointments to meet and making that deposit should take care of 90% of your wedding related stress and anxiety. Remember, Indian weddings are all about food, food and food! There is not much to planning a wedding in Bangalore or any other city in Bangalore than finding the venue and the best caterer from an infinite list of Bangalore wedding caterers. read more

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Bangalore Wedding Catering

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Bangalore Catering

Finding a Bangalore Wedding Catering vendor to cater to your wedding event can be a daunting task. Especially if you haven’t organized a wedding event before. Let’s face it, that we all believe we can do many things only until we fail at doing those things. And fail you cannot in an event as important and precious as your wedding event. I remember what a famous wedding caterer in Bangalore used to say once: “In India, weddings are 99% about food and 1% is everything else”. This is no surprise to you if you have been to Indian weddings before. The amount on emphasis on getting the right food items on the menu to getting it in the right taste and ensuring guests are fed well before leaving the event is one of the “musts” for the host of any event. After all in our culture, guests are considered as gods from the famous saying “Athiti devo bhava“. read more

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Bangalore Catering Services

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Finding the right Bangalore Catering Services can make all the difference between an awesome party and disastrous party. Let’s face it – We Indians love food and that’s that. It really comes down to food and hence down to find the right caterer in Bangalore. Whether it is a small birthday party or a big grand wedding dinner party, finding the right Bangalore caterer can ease a great deal of stress off you while hosting a party.

bangalore-sign-boardIf you are looking to hire Bangalore Catering Services anytime soon, then you must take a look at some of the pointers we’ve suggested in this list. Sticking to these pointers will ensure you are able to find perfect Bangalore catering services to cater to your event. read more

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Caterers in Bangalore

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While choosing Caterers in Bangalore, the city has seen a major increase in the number of catering services companies offering catering services in Bangalore in the recent past. Be it a full fledged commercial corporate catering kitchens or restaurant catering service or even offering exclusive personal chef services, Bangalore city has an enormous growth in the number of catering vendors offering variety of services to the city. While one hand customers looking for catering services have hugely benefited from this growth, on the other, it has become a very confusing and time consuming process to identify the right kind of catering service provider in Bangalore. Hence we have put together a checklist to help you find the best caterers in Bangalore. Hope this helps! read more

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About is an unit of Shanbhag Cafe in Bangalore. For close to forty years now, Shanbhag Cafe has been serving wholesome, delectable and scrumptious food coupled with impeccable service standards. Offering a rich blend of mouth-watering cuisines, ranging from exciting North Indian choices to authentic South Indian dishes, all prepared by our own skilled and seasoned chefs we excel in high tea options and street food too! Call

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